Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Collage and Symbol

: A collage is a work of art that compile multiple different images. The picture on the left is actually multiple photographs of my friend skating combined in to one, single image using Adobe Photoshop CS5. Each image had to be tweaked and edited a bit to fit in flawlessly with the whole composition.

The image on the right is on example of composition, this one is more obvious however. It still exhibits different images combined in to one, but the different images are pretty obvious. The giant basketball, dumpster, and rock were all composed in to the background image.

: A symbol is something that is used to represent or stand for something else. A good example of this is the American Flag, which is meant to represent the United States of America.

The image of the cartoon Indian on the left is an illustration I did on Adobe Illustrator of the Cleveland Indians' logo.

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