Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cool Color and Warm Color

Cool color: A color closer to blue on the color wheel. The picture to the right has a cool feel to it because it has a color scheme closer to blue. This gives the photograph a cool feeling.

Warm color: A color that appears to be closer to the yellow-to-red side of the color wheel. The photograph to the left has a warmer feel to it because it has a color scheme that resembles red more than blue.

Achromatic and Mixed Media

Achromatic: Black, gray, or white with no distinctive hues. The paintings below were all painted with black and white ink and/or shades of gray.

Mixed media: The combination of two or more different media in a single work of art.

Anticipated Movement and Blurred Outline

Anticipated movement: The implication of movement on a static two-dimensional surface caused by the viewer’s past experience with a similar situation. The logo below implies anticipated movement because the viewers know that cars move from prior experiences.

Blurred outline: A visual device in which most details and the edges of a form are lost in the rapidity of the implied movement. The figure in the image to the left is blurred and detail is lost because of the movement.

Horizon Line and Juxtaposition

Horizon line: The farthest point we can see where the delineation between the sky and ground becomes distinct. The line on the picture plane that indicates the extent of illusionistic space and on which are located the vanishing points. In the picture above the horizon line can be seen where the snowy land and trees meets the sky.

Juxtaposition: When one image or shape is placed next to or in comparison to another image or shape. In the picture below, the polaroids have been "juxtaposed" together to create the image of the man.

Pattern and Medium

Pattern: The repetition of a visual element or module in a regular and anticipated sequence. The keys on the piano in the picture to the left can be seen as a pattern.

: The tools or materials used to create an artwork. The painting below was created using acrylic paint, so that is the medium.

Abstraction and Figure

Abstraction: A visual representation that may have little resemblance to the real world. Abstraction can occur through a process of simplification or distortion in an attempt to communicate an essential aspect of a form or concept. Cartoons are a version of abstraction. The illustration below was hand-drawn, traced, and colored in Adobe Illustrator by me.

: Any positive shape or form noticeably separated from the background or, the negative space.